sábado, 14 de marzo de 2015

All My Friends Are Still Dead - Avery Monsen


This guy did it again. A hilarious book that I wished it was longer (is that remotely correct?). Loved it. Loneliness is a serious matter, I should know, so you must have a dark and twisted kind of humor to really enjoy this. 

Big fan over here.

There's people and animals complaining about having all their friends dead. There's a bored angel complaining because all his friends are still alive. All sort of objects whining because they're pathetic friendless things waiting for some affection, or because their friends aren't exactly what they expected. Even poor Mr. Grim Reaper wants to connect with other people, but, sometimes, no matter how badly we want to be friends with someone, it's beyond our control and people can be severely injured...

There are some hilarious cartoons like this one:


Even if you consider someone your friend, that doesn't really mean they feel the same way. Learn how to detect your real friends, if you have any! If not, well, hmm, one less thing to worry about.

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