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Antología poética - Alfonsina Storni


It is the first time I read Storni. And I don't think I will be reading her poetry again. Don't get me wrong, she doesn't have an intolerably sappy writing style like something I've recently read (rant, here), on the contrary, she has a beautiful and complex language to transmit all her feelings, the ones she loves and the ones that haunt her. However, sometimes, even with an elaborated language, her style can be overly hmm sweet. I must look a bit cynical because I prefer a philosophical/existentialist poetry rather than a purely sentimental one; but I do like reading the latter. It's just, when almost the whole book is about a man (or a woman) and the why-can't-i-find-love and why-don't-you-notice-i'm-here kind of thing, it bores me (“Carta lírica a otra mujer”, “El divino amor” and many more). That doesn't happen to me while reading Alejandra Pizarnik's poetry (at least, not often; I don't know, I have a weird preference for this writer). Still, two brilliant women.

Storni's poetry is full of love/eroticism/loss/indifference references. However, a (moderate) feminist herself, there are some poems about the woman that fights for equality (“Tú me quieres blanca”, “Bien pudiera ser”). So, she wrote about women's rights while accepting the need of having a man next to her, because, apparently, she felt incomplete. I hate the half-a-person attitude.

There are a couple of poems I liked: “Presentimiento”, “Dolor”, “Este libro”, “Voy a dormir” (her last poem). And I loved “Frente al mar”. That's it.

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